Chocolate Bengie

Mama Benji - Foster C.Blue

New feathers

Pied Bengie


In plain view, a plain finch, but in reality the most loving little bird ever created.

Description: 4-5 inches in length. A pure color or blend of whites and browns. A crested mutation.

Origin: Not found in the wild. Originated from the Sharp tailed Munia and the Striata Munia.

Diet: Standard finch mix with mixed millets and canary grass. Greens and small pieces of fruit and sprouted seeds.

Housing: At least a 2 foot cage or a 6 foot or larger flight cage in a mixed aviary of passive finch. Prefer to sleep in a nest at night.

Breeding: A wonderful reputation as a foster parent for the more finickety finchs. Great parents who require egg food, greens and soaked or sprouted seed in addition to their normal diet to feed the young. They prefer large wicker baskets or half open front 5x5x5 boxes. Provide materials such as grasses, sisal and coco fibre. 14 days of incubation shared by both parents.

Recommendation: Great bird for beginners. Essential to the breeders of the more difficult finch species, as a possible foster parent.