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Bicheno or Owl Finch

Charming, peaceful little birds that will charm your socks off!! Eyes & lashes that will melt your heart!

Description: Petite at 3 inches long. A study of browns and blacks with plenty of white spots on the wings . Bold black bands accentuate a white face and beneath the breast. Female is similar. Difficult to sex by color,,,,watch for the song of the male as an indicator.

Country of origin: Australia

Diet: Standard finch mix with mixed millets and canary grass. Greens and small pieces of fruit and sprouted seeds. Love live food but not essential to breeding success or health of the bird. Absolutely essential to provide a calcium supplement if a female is kept.

Housing: At least a 2 foot cage or preferably a 6 foot flight cage in a mixed aviary of passive finch. Need a sleeping nest at night.

Breeding: Good parents who require egg food, greens and soaked or sprouted seed in addition to their normal diet to feed their young. They prefer large wicker baskets over a box nest. Provide nesting materials such as sisal, coco fibre and grasses. Incubation shared by both parents and takes 14 days, both parents sit in the nest at night. The hens require calcium supplements or egg binding may occur especially in first time young hens. Youngsters do best if allowed to remain with the parents for 10 - 12 weeks.

Recommendation: Intermediate difficulty, hens often egg bind when traveling distances if selling/buying. Good and peaceful mixed aviary residents.

Baby Bichenos