Star Finch

2 Female Stars

Star Finch Pair

Star Male

Star Finch

Shy and quiet with a soft song. Very peaceful in a mixed aviary with other small finches.

Description: Overall 4-4 inches in length. Bright red face with small dots which extends over the forehead and under the beak. Olive geen back and wings. Tail Red. Breast olive green with bright white spots. Tail red and belly soft yellow. Female slightly duller color overall with a smaller area of red on the face. Several mutations available.

Country of Origin: Australia. One sub-species already extinct.

Diet: Standard finch mix with mixed millets and canary grass. Greens and small pieces of fruit and sprouted seeds. Love live food but not essential to breeding success or health of the bird.

Housing: At least a 2 foot cage or preferably a 6 foot flight cage in a mixed aviary of passive finch.

Breeding: Good parents who require egg food, greens and soaked or sprouted seed in addition to their normal diet to feed their young. They prefer large wicker baskets to a box nest. Provide bulky nesting materials such as grasses and coco fibre. Incubation shared by both parents and takes 14 days.

Recommendation: Great for beginner breeders and as a colorful addition to a mixed finch aviary.