Fire Finch Waxbills

2 Fire Pairs

Baby Fire at 20 days

Fire Finch Pair

Senegal Fire Finch

A lovely shock of red energy , quite shy and reserved, easy breeders in the right conditions

Description: 3-4 inches long with crimson red body, brown wings and tail. Tiny white spots on the breast. Female has a slight red mask with a brownish body and small white spots on the side of the breast.

Country of Origin: West Africa

Diet: Standard finch mix with mixed millets and canary grass. Greens and small pieces of fruit and sprouted seeds. Live food is important to breeding success.

Housing: 70 degrees. At least a 2 foot cage or preferably a 6 foot flight cage in a mixed aviary of passive finch. Enjoy a sleeping nest at night.

Breeding: Good parents that require egg food, greens and soaked or sprouted seed in addition to their normal diet to feed their young. Live food is enjoyed but not essential. They prefer large wicker baskets and nesting materials such as sisal, grasses, coco fibre and white feathers to finish and camouflage the nest entrance. Incubation shared by both parents and takes 11-12 days.

Recommendation: An easy keeper and a colorful addition to a mixed finch aviary. More difficult to breed if privacy is not available.