Female - Male Gold Breast

Pair of Gold Breast

Golden Breasted Waxbill

A tiny streak of gold, red and orange , quite shy and reserved, easy keepers but difficult breeders.

Description: 3 inches long, the tiniest member of the Estrildid family. The male has a soft brown back with bright yellow belly, a red rump, a bright orange breast and red eye line. The female is more subdued in color.

Country of Origin: Africa , south of the Sahara.

Diet: Standard finch mix with mixed millets and canary grass. Greens and small pieces of fruit and sprouted seeds. Live food is desirable but not essential for health if other forms of protein are given.

Housing: 70 degrees. At least a 2 foot wide cage or preferably a 6 foot flight cage in a mixed aviary of passive finch. Prefer a sleeping nest at night.

Breeding: Results are quite rare. Numerous eggs will be laid and the pair will sit but frequently the nest is abandoned too soon or eggs are infertile. They prefer the small 4 inch wicker baskets and nesting materials such as sisal, grasses, coco fibre and white feathers to finish and camouflage the nest entrance. Natural cover from plants or artificial greens is essential to their privacy. Tiny live food and other forms of high protein such as egg food are essential for the young to survive.

Recommendation: A lovely peaceful little bird to keep in a mixed collection of finch. Personally I have had no success in breeding them, but because they are so delightful to watch I continue to keep them.